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John Witvliet on Psalms for Specific Situations

Here some suggestions from John Witvliet (from an essay called "Praise and Lament in the Psalms and in Liturgical Prayer" in his book Worship Seeking Understanding) of specific psalms that can help us in experiences of crisis, giving voice to feelings of difficulty, loss, and perplexity.


Psalm 69 for a crisis of shame,

Psalm 51 for a crisis of guilt,

Psalm 38 or Psalm 41 for medical crises,

Psalm 88 for times of utter despair,

Psalm 71 for the afflictions of old age, and

Psalm 143 for occasions of oppression or victimization."

[see also 13, 59, 64, 102, 142]

— Witvliet, Worship Seeking Understanding, p. 45


Musical settings of many of these psalms can be found in the playlists on this post.