Wes Crawford

Worship Leader. Musician. Songwriter. Coach.

I have been leading worship for 19 years: first for 6 years in a vibrant, growing college ministry; then for 4 years as a missionary in Monterrey, Mexico (in Spanish); more recently as the worship pastor of a growing church in Kansas City, Missouri from 2008 to 2016; and currently as the Worship Pastor for Christ Church of Austin. I also coach worship leaders through a ministry called PastorServe.

I'm passionate about Christian worship being distinctly Christian—that is, trinitarian in focus: we go to the Father through the Son by the Spirit. I see planning and leading corporate worship as a pastoral task—that is, as part of a long-term program of spiritual formation. And I love seeing local churches cultivate a team of volunteer church members to create an indigenous musical culture as an expression of incarnational presence to their context.

This past year I recorded and released an album of songs written by Nathan Partain. You can hear it (and buy digital or physical CD copies) at wescrawford.bandcamp.com.